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LUX* Me is an integrated approach to wellbeing. Fitness, spa, nutrition, yoga and meditation combine seamlessly through our spa concierge to personally tailor your LUX* ME Experience. LUX* Me provides a solution for guests looking to improve their lifestyle.

Feel better, look better, perform better and maybe learn a thing or two. Make the most out of your vacation by releasing all your stress in the spa, toning up with a fitness program, chilling out daily with yoga and enjoying the delights of healthy cuisine that tastes great. Take a wellbeing safari which includes yoga in a stunning natural setting, enjoy a cooking class on the beach or take our Vitalité program to experience the full integrated lifestyle approach of LUX* Me.

For those wanting to take a deeper step into wellbeing, retreats are offered which immerse the guest in yoga, fitness, nutrition and spa treatments to enliven the body, mind and soul. It's all provided by world class experts in an idyllic location.

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With LUX* ME, it's all about you.
We provide a sanctuary where you are the most important person in the world as we personally design all our experiences and treatments to suit your requirements. Whether it is simply a deep relaxing massage or a full day spa experience, our team will tailor to your needs.  LUX* ME is however much more than just a simple spa treatment. We encourage all our guests to commence with our Body Balance Analysis allowing our experts in recommending the most suitable course of treatments including yoga, meditation and fitness sessions. Book your complimentary LUX* ME concierge service before you arrive to ensure you get the most out of your stay with us.
If paradise had a perfume, Shirley Page probably had a hand in creating it. As much an alchemist as an aromatherapist, she’s our very own Mamma Aroma. Having sourced the finest ingredients from the Indian Ocean islands, she has conjured a selection of essential oils that are, quite simply, liquid gold. Delicate scents conceived to relax or reinvigorate as desired
Don't go home carrying an extra suitcase around your belly. Fight the "Buffet Belly" with LUX* Me Fitness.

Can't stand the gym? Hate running? Aerobics sends shivers down your spine? Don't despair. The experts from SP&Co of London have designed programmes to express movement, fun and creativity. They are all high intensity and results-driven, and combine elements from each of the ten pre-requisites for optimum fitness - cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

They all have beginner (*), intermediate (**) and advanced (***) options, for a challenging and rewarding pathway to improvement during your stay and after!  Programs include Power Blast, Dynamic Flex and Twist, Turbo Booster, Lean and Clean, and LUX* Extreme.

Choose one of our 12 programs or have a personalized program developed based on the recommendations from the BODY BALANCE ANALYSIS,  which is used by professional sporting teams across the world to adapt fitness programs based on your individual strengths and weaknesses. The BODY BALANCE ANALYSIS is offered to guests on a complimentary basis to not only ensure our fitness programs are correct, but also our spa treatments and yoga sessions focus on the areas which need the most attention.
If you are interested in your health and wellbeing, LUX* has created a range of healthy menu choices during your stay which prevent you from picking up “extra baggage”.

Our philosophy, when it comes to healthy food is great taste. Otherwise why bother? So we apply a set of healthy food preparation guidelines to traditional favourites and new chef creations to allow them to be nutritious and healthy. In our restaurants and buffets the menu choices which are prepared according to our healthy guidelines.

Our main principles are; high quality virgin, cold pressed olive oil; baked, not fried; low dairy or fermented dairy products used; natural sweeteners only; sea and mineral salt instead of refined salt; unrefined whole grains and flour; fish and game meats; fresh and local vegetables
LUX* ME retreats are a potential haven from the hectic modern lives we all lead. They are designed to teach you how to keep your balance in a crazy world, how to keep in shape, eat well and manage stress levels.

Our retreats are not for the serious health fanatics. They are designed for everyone who simply wants to get a respite, start learning how to get back in shape and to manage personal wellbeing once back at home.

Enjoy an amazing tropical island holiday, while learning how to cook healthy meals, taking daily yoga classes, getting in shape with our fitness team and choosing form a range of light hearted educational sessions that could guide you to a healthier lifestyle.

Contact our Island Specialists for rates and more infomation.

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