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LUX* Tea Horse Road Lijiang

First there was one of the world’s greatest journeys. Then there was the Tea Horse Road. Now, there is the LUX* Tea Horse Road.

An experience guaranteed to stimulate mind, body and soul, LUX* Tea Horse Road offers a holistic journey across a series of properties located in the Greater Shangri-La region’s most majestic settings. More immersive than mere sightseeing, this is a journey that evokes the cultural and spiritual identities of Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet where each LUX* hotel on the route captures the timeless spirit of the place and its people.
Great journeys aren’t just about the destination. Whether the traveller’s idea of adventure is to boldly explore remote areas, or simply observe an ancient world behind the lens of a camera, those who embark on the journey are invited to connect with the true spirit of the region. On the LUX* Tea Horse Road, myth is made reality to create an experience that enriches the traveller along the way.

Why LUX* Tea Horse Road Lijiang

Explore Lijiang by horseback and retrace the legendary cobblestone trails used for a thousand years by fearless horsemen trading their precious cargo: tea.

The Naxi people have worked hard to preserve their traditional written language, a pictographic script that dates back to the age-old Bön religion. Regarded as the world’s ‘last living pictographic language’, Dongba pictograms portray scenes from everyday life and the world around us, reflecting the Bön priests’ vision for peace and harmony between man and nature.


One of the best ways to explore Lijiang’s breathtaking natural beauty is on foot, and we’ve got some fantastic hiking trails for you. All you need is a good pair of hiking shoes and a camera!

In Lijiang we treasure the expertise and flair of our chefs, because they know how to balance the sour, spicy and sweet ingredients that make the local cuisine so tasty. We’re inviting you to experience a traditional Naxi cooking class in the heart of Lijiang. You’ll begin with a trip to the local market, handpicking the freshest ingredients. Having learned about the intricate techniques required to prepare and cook Naxi cuisine, you can savour your creations and swap 

From ancient towns and seemingly endless fields, to mountainous vistas where the air is fresh and pure, perhaps most invigorating way to explore the breathtaking landscape surrounding of Lijiang is by bicycle. 


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